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We understand the value of video and how it can give a brand an opportunity to cut through the clutter and engage its customers – which is why we champion its use wherever relevant to the target audience. At 21six, we create impactful films that fit with your content marketing strategy and support your business goals.

Unlike most other agencies that outsource video production, we benefit from having a dedicated in-house team with a wealth of experience across a breadth of specialist areas. This means you’ll have direct access to video experts that can use live footage, CGI, 3D animation and more, to bring your brand to life in the most exciting way possible.

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Promoting a high profile product range in-store

To promote Bacardi’s full range of products, we created digital 6-sheets that were placed in over 400 Tesco stores nationwide. The eye-catching visuals were designed to grab the audience’s attention and drive awareness of the range.
3D animation | Concept creation | Digital 6-sheet | Product video

Purple Moose

Developing and raising brand awareness through the use of video

The Purple Moose brewery was looking for a way to develop its brand and evolve its logo. We conceptualised and developed a short video that depicted the ‘Purple Moose’ as a 3D character, for use across the brand’s website and social media campaigns.
3D animation | Brand development | Concept creation | Online video


Rebranding a leading Salesforce consultancy

As part of a complete rebranding for cDecisions, we created a new logo, colour palette and website. We also created a short video to summarise the consultancy’s offering and raise awareness of its tailored solutions.
Brand development | Concept creation | Informative advertising | Online video
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